The Matthew and #GivingTuesday

Posted on 25/11/20 by The Matthew of Bristol

The Matthew of Bristol Trust is one of the thousands of organisations taking part in this year’s #GivingTuesday campaign, held on the 1st of December. Brought to the UK in 2014 by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), this year #GivingTuesday offers the opportunity to #GiveBack2020 either by donating to charity, reaffirming commitment to a cause, volunteering time or supporting others by simply helping a friend, neighbour or family member.

 The Matthew and #GivingTuesday

Photo credit: Nick Greville


In 2020, the global Covid-19 pandemic has caused dramatic repercussions around the world. According to CAF research, charities have reported a significant increase in demand for their services while more than half (53%) have suffered a drop in donations. Charities estimate they will see a £10bn funding gap and without help, many may be forced to close their doors.


The Matthew of Bristol Trust is a wholly not-for-profit charity – all money raised goes directly to maintaining the ship so that people can continue to visit her and learn about her rich history, old and new.


The Trust has three main aims:

(1) To acquire, repair, fit out, maintain, enhance and preserve the replica medieval caravel known as The Matthew as a ship of historic interest, and to place the vessel on display alongside a berth, quay, dock or wharf accessible to the public;

(2) To provide educational and training facilities on The Matthew while berthed or on voyages for persons of all ages and capabilities by the preservation, operation and charter of The Matthew as a seaworthy vessel;

(3) To advance education in: 

  • the local and national history and heritage associated with The Matthew, the explorer John Cabot and the exploration and settlement of the New World, including Newfoundland and Labrador
  • maritime history and archaeology
  • shipbuilding and nautical construction skills
  • seamanship, sailing skills and seafaring crafts.

In a normal year, the Trust raises funds by running trips around Bristol's historic Floating Harbour and along the Avon Gorge. We also rely on the generosity of our visitors to leave a donation when they come on board and explore the ship. However, we've not been able to run many trips or welcome our usual number of visitors aboard this year.


There are other ways you can help us though! Simply by purchasing gift vouchers for yourself or a loved one, booking a trip (dates for 2021 to be announced soon!), making an online donation, or even shopping online via Give As You Live or Amazon Smile, you will be making a direct contribution to the support of The Matthew and the maintenance of an internationally significant part of Bristol’s maritime heritage. Along with our volunteers and crew, our commercial income will help to preserve the ship for future generations.


Take a look at our Support page for more information on how you can help preserve The Matthew of Bristol – a unique piece of Bristol's national and international heritage.


In 2019, #GivingTuesday raised more than £14.2 million in online donations (via Visa alone) in the UK, equivalent to almost £10,000 per minute. To find out more about #GivingTuesday and how you can get involved, visit: